Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Brains behind "Barama"

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Until recently, Barack Obama's wife had stayed, in the main, out of the news. We can't say if her absence from center stage was due to her (politely unspoken) lack of appeal as "First Lady", infamous "never before proud of America" remark or might it be she was far too busy 'behind the scenes.' Could be all the above.

Last spotted on air, Mrs. O strolled an Obama campaign bus, garbed in skin-fitted black leggings. An appearance better befitting a 'girlfriend gone shopping' than a to-be mistress of the White House? No prob. Many celebs would rather flaunt VIP status by dressing-down rather than up. Besides, should her hubby win, imagine the rapid decline of the fashion world's corrupt influence on youth, not to mention the closet space saved in college dorm rooms. Just a pair of black shoes, a few black leggings and a stack of black Messiah tees would be enough for any true Obamanite. Not to mention how the decreased demand for underpaid 3rd world seamstresses might improve our US image overseas.

But wait! As the political winds shifted in the last Wright storm, Michelle transformed into a middle class mannequin, moving to center stage in the public eye. A much publicized interview on mainstream TV, displayed a Mrs. O of demure demeanor, both soft spoken and daintily dressed. This noteable campaign 'image shift' also extended to streaming MSM images of the Obama couple, opening rallies as a classic American middle-class foursome, accented by Daddy uplifting their unsmiling younger tyke for the eyes of the world to behold. These video spots worked seamlessly with reports of Obama hanging out in the Indiana burbs. Switch to spots of kitchen coffee clutch, sharing about the hard life she and hubbie had in their upwardly mobile climb. Gee, seems they're just like you and me. Meanwhile, replays of her much touted interview show a fawn-eyed Michelle, sympathetically bemoaning how tough it's been for downtrodden Barack to disown his spiritual 'uncle'. 

See May 2, 2008 article by Charles Krauthammer, "The Race Speech Revisited"

Anyway, all this got me to wondering, who is Michelle Obama, really? What does she really think? How much influence does she bear in this monumentally funded, mulit-level campaign? Ask and you receive. The answers to these questions came fast and furious and they need to be seen, by the public at large. 

1. Turns out that Michelle Obama, in her Princeton thesis, carefully propounded an Afro-American need to choose between, what she called, being an integrationist or a separationist. This document, in her own words (linked below), made very clear what her passionate preference would be. And the fuller text of her thesis totally resolves any doubt about the alignment of her own black vs. white philosophy with that of Trinity Church. In fact, her viewpoint on the need for "separationists" so adamantly focused on racial distinctions, she pressed for Princeton's black elite to take a stand for race over all other factors. Less than 15% of the college's AA students bothered to even complete her questionnaire. Seems even those elitists were, maybe, uncomfortable about the undertone of resentment and anger she transmitted, even back then. See more on this here and never ask again, what were Obama's doing in Wright's church.
Before moving to another illuminating Mrs. O revelation, bear in mind that the Obamas HAVE NOT suspended their church membership and the NEW minister can be seen on video to maintain the same stands as the retired Wright. 

See for more of Michelle Obama's Princeton Thesis

2. As we all know, Barack Obama did not really answer the only debate question about his relationship to domestic terrorist, William Ayres. Instead, he referred to the Weathermen bomber turned Education Professor as just a guy in my neighborhood and, oddly enough, an English professor. If Obama, as he indicated, barely knew Ayres at all, his mistake about Ayres profession could be understandable. Such is not the case. Numerous long term close links between Obama and Ayres have since been factually traced. 

These include:
Obama's Announcement of his first Candidacy for Office was made in Ayres home.
Obama's became employed by same law firm that represented Com Ed, which was led by Ayres father at the time.)
Obama's relationship to Black Panthers, who are represented in his official campaign website are closely connected to Ayres Weathermen terrorists in tactics and goals.
Obama's participated intimately in the Woods Board with Ayres over several years

For more info go to NoQuarter to find several extensive features.

Beyond any of the above:

Obama was employed by Ayres, for 8 years, at the Addenberg Foundation.
Applying a gram of truth or an eye drop of common sense, can anyone claim any longer that Obama's relationship to Ayres is not questionable? If not, why has he gone to such lengths to cover it up? And why did his evasive reply to debate query include: "Well, he hasn't endorsed me." Is that supposed to be a joke on the public or is it meant to make us not worry?

How far back down the rabbit hole does Barack's connection to Ayres really go? 

3. It's taken a while to reach the light of day, but is now confirmed that, many years ago, Michelle was a co-worker at a law firm with William Ayres partner-in-domestic-terror-crimes, his current wife, Bernadette. Yes, it would appear possible, or even likely, that it was Michelle who brought the Ayres into Barack's life. Considering the direction and tone of her thesis, these now neighborly couples share a world-view as well matched as a pair of bookends. Taking into account Mrs. Ayres early writings on the "need to swim like fish" into mainstream culture (an advice drawn from Che Guavera) one doesn't need to delve much deeper to see Obama/Ayres current of thought follows the same stream and sanctions the use of insidious tactics to accomplish its goals.

4. Now it appears that the use of subversion to achieve her dedicated ends has been successfully channeled right into the Democratic Party's main stream. Many were surprised this week when Joe Andrews, former Clinton appointed DNC Chairman, suddenly switched horses in midstream, by withdrawing his Clinton Super Delegate endorsement to that of her opponent. His change of heart was seen on TV, where Andrews praised the candidacy of "Barama" (no, that's not a typo; it is what he said.) He also expressed a "heavy heart" about changing his position. What, we wondered, could have changed his mind?


Wondered, that is, until follow-up disclosures have revealed that Attorney Andrews law firm is retained by the same major Chicago hospital where Michelle Obama holds a seat on the board. Small world. Smacks of the same sleazy politic style that helped Obama climb the political ladder all along. And we can't help but picture Michelle right behind him, digging a heel in the face of any competitor who dares to come near. Who can blame her? It's not easy turning for one seemly couple (with a little help from their friends) to turn the integrated American middle class into separationist camps.  

So, let's give we credit where it's due: it's taken passionate vision, tenacity and drive, and more than a decade of preparation to persuade the voters in history's most progressive democracy that it's headed in the wrong direction and it's time for a change. Can we not pause long enough to just ask - exactly to what?! 

If not, we can count on one thing: with this couple in the White House, soap operas would be so passe. We'd need only to turn to Fox news for the latest stranger-than-fiction truth to rear its ugly head. 

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