Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Senator Obama...from whence did he rise?

Tracing the origin of Barack Obama's meteoric rise to political prominence, his three key mentors come immediately to mind. Indications are Wm. Ayres, whom he recently referenced as just a guy in his neighborhood has long played a prominent role in the development of Obama's far left ideology and divide-to-conquer political strategies. It was not by accident that Obama's first run for office was hosted and celebrated in the Ayres home. Long before, Obama was employed by Ayres to direct the Addenberg Foundation. During their association, Obama and Ayres also utilized the Woods group to support Muslim causes in America. 

Next comes Antonio Rezko, soon-to-be-convicted Lebanese slumlord charged with numerous counts of political corruption. An apparent specialist in money laundering, Rezko bilked the city of Chicago for millions, with the help of his office-holding friends, whom he helped to place in office. A real win-win for a longtime. Until famed Prosecutor Patrick Fitgerald came to town. The trail of Rezko's cash seems to trace back to the Middle East and its consequences, thus far, include IL voters demand for a recall vote against the IL Governor involved. How further investigation will impact Obama is not yet known. What investigative reporter, Evelyn Pringle, claims to verify so far is that Obama was Rezko's 'bagman' on a hospital facilities scheme. It is also apparently verified that Obama, once in office, is documented to have used his IL Senate stature to gain Rezko real estate and investment favor. Would seem the least he could do, considering Rezko's significant campaign contributions for the political newcomer, including the hosting of a major fundraiser in his own mansion, complete with at least one major wealthy Middle East player. Though Obama denied "really knowing" Rezko in a televised debate and claimed awareness of modest campaign donations to same, he has since found it necessary to acknowledge, instead, that the two, in their eighteen year relationship, didn't always talk on the phone everyday. After indicating he's passed on Rezko's cash to charities, he has twice since had to increase substantially his admission of much larger Rezko capitalization - most recently, in interview with the Chicago Sun Times. 

Finally, comes Jeremiah Wright, self styled Black Theology leader, whose South Side church became the base for Obama's networking efforts among AA's, and his subsequent influence in the radical wing of the black community. By now, we're all aware of Wright's rabid anti-middle class, anti-semite and anti-American platform. (Apologies to all whom he hates that have been left off this short list.) Again, early denials on Obama's part have required a dodgy reversal and somewhat faulty attempts to remove Wright from the spotlight, with the perk of early retirement to a $10 million dollar credit-line mansion in a nice white neighborhood. Only those who pay attention, which does not include mainstream media, take note that the Obamas membership in TUCC continues, under the leadership of a younger, smoother version of Wright. 

We are all left to just get used to the idea that Obama, as Lou Dobbs of CNN, has pointed out is "comfortable with people who hate America." Aside from that, what do these three Obama mentors have in common? Without them, he may not have had the agenda, connections and capital to promote his rapid-fire burst onto the national scene. A review of Obama's other shortcuts to political fame and fortune include his ruthless legal maneuver to remove a shorter-term mentor from the IL ballot, on a filing technicality, to boost himself, instead, to the Illinois Senate. Nor would he have managed such a handy victory to the US Senate had the sealed records of the controversial divorce records of then popular Jack Ryan not mysteriously reached the press. Obama's penchant for eliminating competition in advance of democratic process was, thus, established long before his numerous ploys and maneuvers to force out his current competitor, Hillary Clinton. Suffice to say, by the time Obama left Chicago for D.C. he was more-than-well-financed, replete with back-room connections and had pockets already stuffed with radical and pro-Muslim agendas.

One could ask, and we should, what did Obama actually do, once in office in the IL legislature? Other than providing impressive recommendations for Rezko schemes, as obliged, not much. A pattern, which has continued in Washington, emerged of taking late-date credit for the hard work of other, but those details are beyond the scope of our space at this time. And, while not certain if it's a record-breaker, his penchant for voting 'Present Only' (more than 100 times) also took shape, speaking volumes for his cautious perseverance in avoiding a stand on anything in particular, while developing his knack for oration about everything in general. Since then, his other pattern of flatly denying his own record has included, in a televised debate,  a refusal to acknowledge his documented support of a complete ban on hand guns.     But what's a guy to do when faced with protests in support of 2nd ammendment rights?       Guess that would be obvious, by now. Just lie and hope not many notice and protest. So far, they usually haven't. 

Finally, there is his pattern of taking credit for non-existent accomplishments to support his rhetoric of moment. A telling example being his claim of passing nuclear watchdog legislation. That would certainly have added merit to his otherwise unimpressive IL record, had it actually occurred. Trouble is the true story, while more interesting, is less honorable. Turns out that it's true that his constituents rose up in protest of potential nuclear leaks. It's even true that he co-sponsored a bill to tighten regulations. But the story continues with Obama's dilution of his own bill to eliminate oversight. As a result, the bill became so meaningless it never made it to law, but there was an upside to him, if not his community. Obama received generous contributions from Exelon, the company against whom his constituents had complained! 

What has become of Obama's politically opportunistic patterns as a US Senator? In a nutshell, they seem to have held in place. His Senate voting record is most notable for its unusually high absenteeism. He voted against his own party in favor of the Bush-Cheney Energy Bill- but considering his sponsorships that's no surprise. His Presidential run has been as devoid of attention to US energy challenges as it has to environmental issues, two needs that are intertwined to a level of complexity beyond his apparent interest or grasp. Demonstrating  fast-on-his-feet tactics to appeal to voters appeal in Oregon Obama recently touted a Preservation Plan in response to Hillary Clinton's id-depth plans in this area. When it came to attention that his Plan emphasized solving Oregon's 'Great Lakes' issues, he quickly attempted to cover his faux pas by indicating he got this confused with environmental efforts back in Illinois. These would come as a surprise to IL conservationists only because they appear not to have existed. However, one can forgive he is so geographically challenged (to forget that his Chicago Midwest home, not the state of Oregon sits near the 'Great Lakes') when compared to his other Oregon blooper regarding the "57 states" he had traveled, thus far, during his current campaign.Trouble there is we have 50 US states, last we checked, and it is the Muslim Nations that are counted at 57! Leads us to ask, was he merely flubbing, again or, instead, was he revealing something relevant? His revulsion to support drawing in the reigns on the oil industry begs similar questions. While our country reels from gas price spikes, with more indicated to come, Obama's response to this critical issue, thus far, has been to give patronizing speeches admonishing SUV drivers and shouting we all need to drive less. Is this his version of a viable solution to our need for US energy independence? 

As action speak louder than words, his recent response to the housing foreclosure crisis has been similar. Rather than taking a stand on this as a Senator (which he is still supposed to be) he left his Ohio campaign, site of destructively sweeping home owner losses, to fly to New York, for a closed door fundraiser sponsored by Credit Suisse, one of the overseas sub-prime lenders who has gotten our housing segment into this crisis.

When asked in debate about our critical immigrations problems, Obama was confronted with his only known activity on this issue to date: support for provision of US driver's licenses for illegal aliens. This, again, would seem a strange solution of this complex issue. Until one learns that Obama has promised this measure to Muslim groups who have endorsed him. While all Americans must spend hours at airport check-ins due to terrorist-threat inspections, do we really want to provide Muslims - who are here illlegally with easy access to on-the-road privileges? 

We might also wonder if Obama's outreach in Congress, where he rarely serves his own post these days, has had influence in a controversial bill, led by his supporter, Senator Feinstein, and recently rushed through to the Senate Appropriations committee. The legislation in question has attached a peculiar and sweeping illegal immigrant amnesty measure onto the long belabored, overdue funding of our troops in Iraq. To attach a rider you do want to a bill others believe to be of great need is not an unusual Washington trick. Even to do so in the dead of night, as this one was, is not unheard of. But perhaps, in the rush, we could ask: why does this rider allow, singularily, for fast track green card status for these particular select groups: goat herders, sheep herders and horse workers?! 

Not many of these from across the Mexican border, lately, that we know of. But we do know these trades to represent a staple of employment in the Muslim world. Remember, in coincidence again, Obama's description of his own father as a goat herder? While that turned out to be just one more untruth of many in his ever-changing biography, apparently it is so that his father was a member of a ranching family that employed many goat herders. Does the US have some gripping need that most of us don't know of to require rapid citizenship rights for these Mid East specialists? It isn't a far reach to notice the oddity of CNN's "First Time Voters" recent TV campaign to feature, as a lead item, the issues of Muslim American voters. 

There's not much of a stretch needed, to potentially connect these weird occurrences to Obama/Ayres Woods foundation $35,000 donation to a pro-Muslim group, whose highly polished website promotes such causes as a) provide Arab translators file police complaints on domestic violence and b) provide legal assistance to assure new Muslim immigrants receive the fullest measure of government assistance. Are these causes, so close to Obama's heart, really congruent with solving American immigration problems or exacerbating them? Images of suburban Paris riots and London reports of these 2 nations inability to manage their influx of Muslim immigrants come to mind. Are we, now, to follow suit?

The most action-oriented undertaking we've found in Obama's unremarkable Senate carreer bears an eerie correspondence to the items above. His claim expertise in foreign affairs appears to relate mainly to having spent childhood years outside our country, when he was Muslim schooled in Indonesia. The media has been kind in overlooking this mark of distinction as it has does in an onslaught of Obama anomolies. The fact, for instance, that this Senator is Chairman of the Afghanistan committee and, despite expert indications that country is core to resolving our terrorism concerns, Obama has not called one single meeting. When asked about this recently, the Senator said he hasn't had time. 

Yet, Obama did find time, just last week for a Hezbolla meeting. Some may recall his recent Michigan campaign stops, where he shook hands with economically insecure auto workers. A few may recall his offensive sexism toward a woman reporter, brushing her question off with a 'Later, Sweetie." The reporter was actually more frustrated by his lack of response to this vital question than by his insult: "What will you do for the auto workers, Senator?"  No answer ever came. Instead Obama left the auto plant, pressed by his heavy schedule. 

Yet, he found time on his Michigan jaunt for a pre-arranged meeting with Imam Hassan Qazwinin, leader of a Mosque notorious for its successful fundraising efforts (right here on US soil) on behalf of Hezbollah. A researcher in this area notes that Qazwinin is quite tight with Hezbollah leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallal, who, by another coincidence shares a name with the Senator. Qazwinin, it is reported, was, in fact, sent to the US by Iran to "help radicalize The Islamic Center of America. High on the US terrorist watch list, Fadlallal is notorious for, among other things, demanding the cold blooded execution of 300 US Marines along with civilians. Nevertheless, we hear that Fadllallal's fundraiser, Qazwinin and Obama enjoyed their cozy Michigan one-on-one. He even gave Obama a new book "American Crescent."

Middle class auto workers needs aside, we couldn't expect Barack Hussein to pass by the need to keep in touch with his radical supporters, now could we? Qazwinin has previously given warm welcome to another Obama endorser, Louis Farrakan. Just as HAMAS recently indicated their hopes for an Obama US Presidency, so, we know has this Nation of Islam leader. Qazwinin has particularly applauded Farrakan's anti-Semiticism, concurring completely with his group's stand for "jihad" on the American people.

Although we are among those that have received emails expressing concern that Obama is at the center of this jihad movement, that deeper subject is beyond the scope of this article. Instead, we'll return to a notable unreported low light of Obama's Senate history: his 2006 trip to Kenya, in which the then democratic Kenyan government rolled out the red carpet for this US official. To their dismay, according to Kenya's government archives, Obama used this trip to campaign for his Muslim cousin, Odinga. Apparently, he riled up the locals with claims that their government was corrupt and that it was time for "Change!" Sound familiar? Kenya's government was so outraged that this American official used his visa to incite their people, in this manner, an Official Written Protest and complaint was filed. Since then, as many are aware, Kenya has certainly changed, as a result of the mass rape and destruction that Obama's cousin, Odinga subsequently led. Now that Odinga has threatened his way to Minority Leader Status, if you want a copy of these documents, better get to the official Kenya government website before they are scrubbed. A phenomenon common to third world affairs and most recently brought to American democratic blog sites, thanks to Odinga's cous' Obama. 

Is there more to say about Barrack Hussein Obama's Senate experience? Knowing questions are not well received in his campaign to move to the top right now, we are also wondering why while Obama's mesmerized crowds chant with him for Change! by doing away with Washington's corrupt 'old guard' his Presidential nomination is thus far endorsed by 8 of the 10 Senate Chairmen who epitomize the established way of doing things, have pledged him support? (10 others remain wisely uncommitted to him, so far.) 

Lastly, we can't help but ask: Why is the mainstream Media so abuzz with the controversy of whether Barack would actually follow through on his oft-stated willingness to meet, without preconditions, with terrorist leaders? As shown in Michigan, last week, he is already doing so! 

 For further education on Obama's dangerous past connections and even worse future intentions, go to noquarter and rezko watch.