Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Media Campaign to Rig the Election

As Hillary Clinton's uphill climb for the Presidency courageously carries on, it's time for her supporters to look square in the eye the factors that have acted, in collusion and concert, to block her nomination. Many voters, who get their facts straight from the internet, have long been aware of the truth of where and how this race is really being run. Yet, too many well-intentioned other voters have become unwitting shills to those who are really driving this election - namely the front-guard misinformation experts of Mainstream Media. 

To demonstrate this, one need only examine the voter demographics of the "Open" Democratic Primaries to date, which reveal the role of Republican "cross over" voters, who have played no small role in the "momentum" of Barack Obama's candidacy. Results, for instance, in Wisconsin's "open" primary sowed that districts on record at 3 to 1 Republican, in 2008, magically transformed into 2 or 3 to 1 Democrat-for-Obama districts this spring. For any who imagine tis shift reflects dissatisfaction with George Bush, think again. These same areas had local races where traditional Republican guard remained successful. As to whether this factor cost Hillary the state, at the least it deprived her of numerous delegates, were this "cross over" faction not to have taken part. And, as the media keeps harping away, we all know this contest is a race-to-the-finish, not for mere votes, but for delegates!

What does the disproportionately high Democrat turn-out in Republican strongholds really indicate? Simply this: that there has been a strong intentional strategy of misleading the Democratic party into the illusion that Obama is a magical draw to the growth of the party. Not so. These "cross over" votes are the direct results of Republican efforts to confuse and confound the Democratic base, by the means of inflating Obama's attractiveness to the electorate. Come fall, these fictitious Democrats will return to the nest and vote for John McCain, as they have intended all along. In the meantime, things going as planned, their primary votes will have served their purpose: eliminating the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Thus, the Obama Super Delegate argument of his broad-based appeal is no less than a fraud. And if that candidate believes otherwise, then he is naive.

Neither are the wealthy "special interest" groups who have thus far funded his bottomless war chest actually Democrats. Rather, they represent major corporate interests determined to stop Hillary Clinton, whatever the cost. They began establishing her "negative" public image long ago, in her earlier attempts to confront their tactics and policies on issues such as health care. Will they continue to prop up his media-driven favorability if he is handed the nomination? Certainly not. Having reached their end-goal, by using the media to assault Hillary's campaign left, right and center, day and night, their spending glut will likely switch in large part to their real party: Republican.  Any who think otherwise might also believe that Karl Rove and his handbook of devious, dirty media politics is retired. For those that buy that, there's a nice bridge or two for purchase in Minnesota. In need of repair, like most of our infrastructure, but, alas, that's the cost of war and maintaining high international corporate profits. 

It would be amusing, were it not so tragic, that the mass of young voters, who fill the corporate candidate's Messianic rallies, complete with dramatic fainting spells, as well as his fans who have poisoned the internet with profanities and hacking of Hillary supporter sites really believe that their personal contributions have financed the Obama campaign. The majority of these first-time voters have no experience with life's financial realities. Many still subsist on the paychecks of their middle class parents. Who could expect them to realize that multi million $$$ Media buys don't materialize out of pocket change? Just as the public, as a whole, remains unaware that FCC licenses have granted these dangerous giants free use of our air waves - with an understanding that free public service information will be provided our citizens - and with no oversight on how free air time is doled out or to whom. Obama, to date, is the MassMainstreamMedia's best single customer to date. So what corporation doesn't tend to do favors for their own preferred clientele?

Relatively few voters are aware that Obama's is the only campaign that accepts contributions from 16 yr. olds (Most require a minimum age of 18 for contributors.) Are we really to imagine the Obama camp foresaw a rush of high schoolers  dying to give him their weekly allowance?  Recently scrolling the logs of his pre-March disclosures, the numbers of "unemployed students" who provided $4,600 at a time, were remarkable! It's no surprise, though, that the media madness surrounding  his campaign continues to conceal the main ingredient in Obama "magical" recipe for skyrocketing fame and success. 

It's called "money bundling" and it has the power to turn a pig's ear into a silk purse. More critical than most any other national issue and more harmful than any environmental pollutant, it is the harsh reality which drives the Obamamania that has swept across the country like a toxic virus. Too many Americans remain unacquainted with this powerful tool of back-door political trade. It's up to those who are to wake up those who've yet to succumb and continue our grass roots movement against this tide. If left unchecked, its ultimate outcome could be the the fascist control of America.

Money bundlers' unraveling of democracy's thread is aptly depicted in John Grisham's current and timely best-seller. "The Appeal"'s plot follows the career of an ambitious young attorney who becomes a bought-and-paid-for candidate, secretly backed by special interests for the purpose of destroying an experienced woman office holder, whose election is deemed unfavorable to their ongoing profiteering. Does this story-line sound familiar?

Fact is, this special interest technique for securing a representative in government is nothing new. Its level of sophistication and its aim today is to hold the highest office in the land. Financing a candidate, without public scrutiny, is a relatively simple matter. All that's required is a long, large list of employees, associates and friends of the corporation, along with the names of their family members. In Obama's case that would be family members of age 16 or older. Presto! A "ground-up movement" appears overnight. Millions of dollars stream in, out of thin air,  from seemingly separate donors. A financially obscene and unstoppable Media machine is born, spewing out from its octopus head non-stop prime time MSM ads, internet videos, skewed polls, venomous direct mailers and whatever else it may take. Money being no object, confidence skyrockets and the Chosen One's ratings soar. 

That today's MSM seeks out, survives and thrives on "conflict-driven news" was recently acknowledged in Newsweek editor interview on The Daily Show. In an otherwise slowing economy, Obama's bundled-money campaign has been a great boon to their industry! Floods of money, filtered through the campaign's supposed "grass roots" checkbook, has inundated our air waves with a ceaseless storm of more illusions, fabrications, half truths and inflammatory concoctions than any one scrutinizing blogger could keep track off and stay sane. 

Spreading that storm are the cable networks substitutes for real reporters. Typically hired for image vs. intelligence, these "commentators", more often than not, posture as journalists while delivering whatever trash they are told, straight from the cue-lines of their monitors. Expanding their broadcasts to run night and day, they are ceaselessly viewed from breakfast through dinner, then onto bedtime. In between they are seen and heard in waiting rooms, at the gym, on sports-bar screens, and now, even on cell phone screens. Thus, the selection of the next leader of the Free World is sold to a national market, with less attention to his substance or or real stand on issues than commitment to back him, come hell or high water, as the Media's own biggest customer and, therefore, their most important new product to pitch.  

A quick look at some key staffers of cable "news" campaign for Barack makes this crystal clear. CNN stars include Donna Brazille, best known if not loved for her role in disenfranchising FLA & MI voters. MSNBC, the network most invested in Obama's image stars Keith Olbermann, now recognized by many as TV's most flagrant mysoginist, While Fox, seeming of late to be holding some cards beneath the table, celebrates the bizarre addition of Karl Rove, notorious Republican strategist, best known for sending the US to hell, via his successful media manipulation, which propagandized the war in Iraq.  

Cutting to the chase, Barack Obama's media created and generated candidacy has been supported by back-door funding of corporations, to be spent on media owned or controlled by same special interests to fool the public into (unwittingly) voting in the perpetuation of more fraud upon the public. 

Hillary Clinton has more votes, were they all counted, and more delegate support than Obama's camp would prefer we know. But, once this primary season ends, ratings plummet and profits diminish. So, the best game in town, for now, is to noisily, fraudulently screech for her withdrawal, fill high-profit, low content freebie frames with Obama's endless nothings, while the MSM and their backers can secretly delight in so having their cake and eating it too.
Please do forward this "Bundled Money" primer to any you know who may not know what's really going on in this campaign. 

PART TWO coming next: Rove and Rezko and what's up with the Crossover Vote?

SPIRITED POLITICS IN ACTION: Refuse to Watch MSNBC & Affiliates! 
Tell your wife, your kids, your parents, your partners, your local gym and corner bar to TURN OFF MSNBC! 


Uppity Woman said...

Sister, unfortunately it's not only a rig job but it's a death rattle for the Democratic Party for a decade or so. Again. Just as with McGovern. RIP, Democratic Party. We won't live this down for a full era.

M. Simon said...

Just as the public, as a whole, remains unaware that FCC licenses have granted these dangerous giants free use of our air waves - with an understanding that free public service information will be provided our citizens - and with no oversight on how free air time is doled out or to whom.

Son. You are in need of some serious government oversight. A lot of Obama bashing. Only good things to say about Hillary. That is unfair and unbalanced.

What we need are people's courts. To redress the balance.

BTW I note the mega Corporation Google is providing you a site for your unbalanced rants for free. Something mighty suspicious going on here.


Do you see where your ideas lead? Once you call for government control of content you will be the first in line.

So you don't like Obama. Fair enough. Me either. You can do what I plan to do. Vote for McCain in November.


Your belief that money can be driven out of politics and that interests will not be represented is charming but naive.

And for all his money he could not turn an election win in PA.

Yeah, I know. Life. Is. Unfair. Get over it.


Let me add that when the Democrats gave up idea politics for identity politics it lost its way.

Why not take the lead on something useful besides the absurd idea of punishing the rich. How about stopping the punishment of the poor? End the fookin Drug War.

M. Simon said...

I just read your bio.

You are from Chicago? And you don't know how politics is played there?

You really are wet behind the ears.

I lived in that city for 20 years. I still live in Illinois. Chicago is one big extortion machine. It is run like the Palestinians run Gaza.

Keep the people in misery so the top guys can extort generous payments from guilty liberals. Pocket the lions share and then let a little trickle down to the favored few with a photo op on the TV and papers promoting the "good works". Don't you ever wonder why all the good works never amount to anything except another group with its hand out?

You are getting the government you deserve.

Oh yeah. Did I mention spreading conspiracy theories to cover up what is really going on?

"It's the corporations and special interests who are to blame and they must be punished".

Yeah right. Punish the people who might actually bring jobs.

And the suckers and rubes fall for it every time. Worse. They scream for more because it is not working. It will never be enough because iot can't work. Ever.

M. Simon said...

Remember the big effort to keep WalMart out of Chicago? All the crap about low wages, few benefits, exploitation of workers, etc.?

So what happened? It located across the border from Chicago and people lined up for blocks to get jobs.

And where do the poor people of that Chicago neighborhood like to shop? WalMart. Because their money goes farther.

So what was the purpose of the outcry? To extort political payments. You know. Give us money or we will show up with our rent-a-mob.

BTW The Big O is just another in a long line of such hustlers. You got him because that is what Democrats are. He is not some aberration. He is a shining example of a Democrat. An exemplar.

If you stay with the Democrats you are encouraging the extortionists.

No more extortion. Get out of the way of business. Let the businesses provide products and services at prices people are willing to pay and jobs at rates of pay that will attract the workers they need.

Stop trying to make things fair. It is much better if you could just make things work. Less corruption that way.