Monday, August 25, 2008

Denver, Deals and the New Deal

A funny thing happened on the way to today's post. The DNC press release which inspired this piece vanished within an hour, replaced by another more palatable work of party fantasy. Maybe it went the way of the pseudo Presidential seal that offended too many? In an election season which makes George Orwell's 1984 a work of limited imagination, voters savvy enough to turn to the internet to investigate candidates have found enough horrifying facts on Barack Obama & company to pen a new class of Orwellian best-sellers. The trouble is, these facts tend to disappear right before an investigative eye like a trail of bread crumbs quickly gobbled by vultures. 

Nothing, however, seems to be slowing the Mass Media frenzy to force the new Messiah upon US. In its ceaseless efforts to undo the fibers of democracy- the all-consuming obama communication machinations seem to have reached a final stage of frenzy. As the Denver convention begins, the truth of division in the Democratic ranks is a torrent even CNN can't pretend away any more. In counterpart, the spiderweb of the corrupt DNC leadership's fabricated new reality is spinning at a rate that reminds one of a meth addict popping their entire pill bottle, determined to hold onto their 'unnatural high.'

This observer turned activist didn't intend to comment today. There's too much to do to help launch grass roots action - as our only remaining solution for salvaging democracy.  What happens in Denver won't stay in Denver. As a member of the Just Say No Deal coalition, we're among those determined that voters will know and remember in November. The Democratic party has been sold out to the New Left. Period. Spending trillions of dirty George Soros (and other tainted) dollars might still be capturing the naive minds of new voters who cut their American Government classes and cut their teeth on TV fantasies. It might even hold the attention of the millions of "TV voters" (as FOX news slipped and labeled those who still believe what they see and hear of the mesmerizing images and fairy tales told on the boob tube.) 

But despite basement cages prepared for rowdy PUMAs and fake press releases touting party unity the truth will continue to leak out until it becomes a tsunami. And when it does, those officials and Super Delegates who have the gall to still call themselves 'democratic' will be unprepared for the historic deluge of party defection to come. The irony is, that while a better informed electorate no longer believes a word most politicians say - and with good reason - the bubble of Denver seems to be inflating the near bursting egos of DNC wolves and the delusional hopes of the sheep who follow them to new heights of hype. Endlessly circulating press releases offer the uninformed masses  the Democratic party's alternate version of reality. Signs indicatethey  are pulling out all the stops on fabricating an attractive bio and appealing platform for obama- while they hang out in their self-deluded dreamfest in Denver. 

Time Warner's RR home page, for instance, opened this morning with a glowing piece on the growing excitement over mobama's big Monday night speech. Viewing their "news leak" on what this nightmare of an opening speaker will have to say, I can only 'hope' any informed viewers will skip dinner to avoid indigestion. Seems, sprinkled within a litany of sympathetically spoken biographical half-to-no-truths, Michelle Obama will share with the audience how she and Barack represent "what Americans are supposed to be." Yes, that's an exact quote. However, you won't find it on line now- just a few hours after its release this typical Mrs. Obama misstep demonstrates, once again, her penchant for slipping out with her real beliefs, no matter how much is done to attempt to 'reshape' her message. Got it, everyone? Get with the program:

Remember now, barry soertoro and his missus are just what "Americans" are supposed to be! 

What that's really saying reflects an underlying message of the entire obama -dean-brazille campaign. A message that, in the last week, has gone from covert to overt and is now found in press releases from the local level to the dictates we, the voting public, are now being issued by the ilk of MSNBC. Apparently, accusing the remaining sane rational Democrats of being closet Republicans as well as racists is no longer enough. Necessity has given birth to a new level of invention and here is its mantra: No one - absolutely no one -  is to get in the way of the historic event of the Nomination of the first African American candidate for President! 

Forget that he is not qualified and has accomplished nothing of significance in his political life. Overlook that he stood alone, after hundreds of Present only votes in Illinois, to singularly vote in favor of killing babies who survive an abortion. Look the other way when shown photos of his former Foundation employer and buddy, Bill Ayers stomping on the American flag and bragging how he got away with domestic terror. Dismiss the endorsements for this "citizen of the world" by the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, American Communist Party, Klu Klux Klan, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH and North Korea. Free your mind from Rezko, his long term partner in crime in bilking Chicago tax payers of millions of dollars. Overlook the coincidence that the sentencing of Rezko, convicted of multiple counts of political corruption and fraud, has again been delayed to avoid public scrutiny. After all, if Lou Dobbs of CNN, who called obama "soul-less" a few months ago can now shut up and go along with the Media sell-out, then certainly so can you and I. 

Quit complaining because he's created a shambles of the Democratic party base in what was to be a sure-win year. "Get over it" as The Man himself told the Black Caucus et al, if you're still pointlessly enraged that the caucuses were a fraud, the delegates were disproportionately awarded (against several states laws!) and the Super Delegates were overtly paid off to contradict the Will of the voters. Here, instead, is the Denver Deal to be swallowed like a suicide pill, by all who feel hopeless enough, guilty enough and/or escapist enough to follow the DNC off its cliff to nowhere. The clear purpose of Denver is to construct an attractive, appealing Spin Story, first fed to the crowd present, then regurgitated by them to the masses. And here is the Spin:

obama, we are now being told, comes from a classic middle-class background - just like you and me. Except for the missing birth certificate, the numerous name changes and the childhood in Muslim dominated militarized Indonesia. Don't be a stickler for minor distinctions such as stolen (covered up) passport records, a college trip to (also) militarized Pakistan (where Americans were not welcome) or his teenage mentoring by a radical communist.  As for obama's 'community service' days - as the political bagman for a slumlord and added public service as Ayres Woods Foundation lackey to support socialist infiltration of American education? Well, as the evidently self-medicated TV press would say, what's all that really got to do with anything. 

Above all else, the DNC Denver will tell us, obama is The One who knows and will "heal the American soul" by, among other things giving virtually unlimited aid to Africa (when our country is broke); sending academics on diplomatic missions to buddy up with Islamic Jihad leaders; ensuring health care for illegal aliens at the expense of American taxpayers; doing NAFTA double deals in which he says one thing and does another; and protecting  the telecom industry so his "Black House" (lead DNC entertainer's new version of prior White House) can wiretap and monitor the rest of us without warrant - oh, and keep his promise of quick issue driver's licenses for illegal alients, like terrorist infiltrators, to allow unimpeded domestic travel - without the unpleasant interruption of being found out.

Yes, I know that's the short list, but time and space do run out in this vacuum of darkness led by dean and axelrod.We can't end off, however, without emphasis on the need for CHANGE! Well, just last night Christine Pelosi, supporting her momma's recent fervent statement, reiterated on FOX, that God has so blessed the Democratic party with Obama. The miraculous underpinnings of this 'blessings' is that all touched by his toxic substitute for reality are given the freedom to interpret this CHANGE in whatever form most appeals to their own imagination. Those thus logic impaired and reality avoiding - in other words the new base of the un-Democratic party include obama training camp recruits, obama financial hand-out recipients, obama's youth movement forbidden to read internet fact 'trash' and the millions of weary suburbanites, who crash nightly before the boob tube, subjected to obama's onslaught of Spin, as regurgitated hourly by entire commercial communications industry.

Perhaps the rest of us actually are just pouting and envious. I, for one, haven't had the privilege of citizenship in 3 different countries. Never had a "typical white grandmother" to raise me and see me through private school in Hawaii, never got to know "the joy" of reciting Muslim evening prayers in perfect Arabic, didn't have an Indonesian stepfather to raise me in a foreign land (to subsequently be written out of my biography at will.)  And the qualified Presidential candidate I, as a life-long Democratic supported, didn't have the expanded view to run a 'Global Campaign' nor the audacity to demean, discredit and threaten her detractors. 

I have no small children left at home to enlist in "Kids for Obama" where they can learn to watch over me and make sure I abide by the Spin and keep it all straight. I am among the Vision-impaired who still believe in democratic principles over Super Delegate sell-outs and have always experienced my fellow Americans to be just that- rather the black and white competing groups that obama has portrayed - as spoiled indulged whites, suspicious Semetics and underprivileged AA's - to whom all other minority groups now owe their allegiance. 

But why quibble over facts? And, no matter what, never give in to the traitorous principle of Country over party. That's all soooo over- along with other outmoded ideals of democracy . It's cool to say you were raised by a single mom, even though you were not. It worked for Bill Clinton, didn't it? So why not try it again. It's pragmatic to praise Reagan, a Republican, instead of the only Democratic President in recent decades, who actually believed in prospering the spoiled middle class. I suppose it even makes sense to select a running mate who represents everything you said you were out to CHANGE. As long as you have sell-outs like two generations of Pelosi's to spoon feed the otherwise ill-informed a new biography supported by elaborate myths, self contradictory stands and audacious but attractive lies. 

Denver will come and Denver will go. But the sane among us will remember in November. And one day the History channel, which recently showed how Hitler, too, officially rewrote his own history for palatable public consumption, might go on to explore the depths of the deceptions woven into the fabric of the empty suit called obama.  

The One does grows impatient when we resist all this fiction just because it contradicts all known actualities. How can he bring US forward into this dazzling newer, fresher alternative to outworn democracy, when we impede his great Changes - including the mobilization of his cool new national Civilian youth force to keep US in line? Caught in the brilliance of his Denver reflection, he has yet to realize there's a New Deal emerging - the awakening realization and mobilization of voters against his undemocratic propagandizing to steal the White House. 

Footnote: The absence of capitlization of the name obama is not a typing error.

Monday, August 11, 2008


The American middle class
is fed up with being ripped off by greedy corporations and corrupt, short-sighted politicians. The writing has been on the wall for a while. Anyone could have seen excessive spending without capitalization would result in a vast national debt. Now overseas interests are buying out national landmarks. 

Anyone could have seen moving manufacturing out of the US, with corporate tax breaks for making these moves, would increase unemployment and decrease our domestic gross national product. Anyone could have seen stimulating sales of foreign made goods (purchased on credit cards with insanely high interest rates) would drive many Americans into bankruptcy and further deplete our own economy.   Anyone could have seen shoddy bank practices, offering low start up cost perks - followed by escalating rate increases- would result in a foreclosure crisis. Anyone could see that a country. which produces less and less while consuming more and more, would wind up with a devalued currency.  At the same time, anyone could see that inflating the cost of an extended MidEast war with a buddy system of grossly profitable 'rebuilding contracts' would escalate its cost to US taxpayers and offer no means in sight to reducing our National debt. Finally, anyone could see that driving up foreign production would drive up international demand for oil and, thus, contribute to escalating gas prices. 

All of the above has been unfolding right before our eyes. Irrational economic, energy, banking, credit and international policies have led our nation to the brink of a precipice. The Katrina disaster, the mismanagement of its aftermath and collapse of a major Minnesota bridge have been just a few incidents demonstrate the neglect of our
own infrastructure by those to whom we have given authority to steer our great nation. 

Not far beneath the surface of all the above fiascos we find the causes for these travesties. Both our Legislative and Executive branches of government have placed special interests above the interests of the American people at large. Not long ago, it was fashionable to lay all this at the feet of the Republican party. But the myopic inaction of the recent Democratic Congress, followed by the travesty of the party's misconduct of our Presidential primaries, demonstrates irresponsibility on both sides of the aisle. No wonder we have an increasing number of "Independent" voters.  Placing political gamesmanship over the needs of the American people has now led our country to a point of near collapse - on many fronts simultaneously.

The MainStreamMedia tells us things aren't that bad. But, remember, this same MSM spin machine also gave US (via Pentagon paid spokespersons) phony reasons to support lavish expenditures on a MidEast war. Worst of all, recently, our Congress took off for vacation, as if these emergency issues can just wait and all will be well. It appears, a united "official" front by the Adminstration, Congress and MSM is acting in collusion to deny the extent and depth of our nation's ills. No one, after all, wants to carry the blame. These 'powers that be' seem to believe you actually can fool all the people all of the time- although Abe Lincoln advised to the contrary.

One singular example of this collusion has been the pattern of Congressional inaction on impeaching GW/Cheney. Obviously, it's not lack of substance that slowed action in this area. Review the record: Democrats took the lead in Congress 2 years ago, and to public astonishment, it only took days for the new Speaker of the House Pelosi to announce "Impeachment is off the table." Some said the motivation for this change of venue was a fear it would be damaging to place attention on the multiplicity of crimes of our Executive Branch. Has anyone seen anything at all get better as a result of this denial? 

Next, Kucinich ran a Presidential race espousing Impeachment at the top of his agenda. Not long after, this populist 'hero' emerged from meetings with the Judicial Committee sending his supporters a message of apology: the Judicial Committee said, again, this matter must wait. Until when? This September, of course - two months before the Presidential election. How dumb does Pelosi really think We the People are? The impeachment of GW & co. is no longer a matter of justice, or even a question of lifting the nation up from this cycle of corruption. No, not at all. The issue of Impeachment is merely another political ball - to be tossed, if necessary, at precisely the moment that will do the most damage to the "other side." 

Take a moment to imagine the state of our nation if, after ignoring the misdeeds of our Executive branch, our Congress - which has taken no solid non-partisan action to solve any single one of the problems listed above - were to suddenly dedicate its hours on the job, with righteous indignation, to uprooting a lame duck President during his last few months in office. The ensuing chaos and elevation of national insecurity clearly mean far less to Pelosi than exercising her power to manipulate public attention away from the current record high (87%) public displeasure with Congress itself- in time for more of her collusive party favorites to increase their stronghold in the Legislative branch. 

So it goes. And has gone on. And on. Only legislation which protects the Wall Street backers and behind-the-scenes corporate money peddlers is moved to Congressional action. Non-partisan solutions? Genuine reform of the dissembling underlying system?  Please. Our politicians have more important matters in their attention. Like getting elected. Again and again. With no evidence of interest in salvaging anything more than the profits of their backers and their own shaky reputations. The power drunk arrogance of our elected representatives has been proven over and over: in the unjustifiable support of approving FISA's warrantless wiretaps and protection of corporate powers which act in collusion; in the sponsorship of biofuel subsidies while these measures not only don't solve our energy problems but are contributing to a world-wide food crisis. In avoidance of solution oriented action on immigration, lending practices, offshore drilling and more. 

So, we ask: What now America? To say the tail is wagging the dog is a gross understatement. The emergence of PUMA as a growing coalition is an important first step. However, MSM magic continues to marginalize this 'revolt from within' attributing it to shallow causes of resentment and revenge by a small, albeit noisy, fringe group- even though one astute journalist has more clearly observed that PUMA has become a gigantic donkey kicking over the furniture in the living room, while others seem not to notice. 

Stalemate on all sides in all directions ultimately will get us nowhere. Praying and pushing the Democratic leadership into action it is reluctant to take may not be our strongest strategy. But there may be another way of looking at this that makes all the difference in the power, We the People, are able to reclaim. If David had tried to take on Goliath head on in the ring, he could not have lasted long. Instead, he aimed a slingshot of concentrated force, at just the right moment, in precisely the right direction to fell the giant with one mighty blow. Morale? One must learn to pick to pick their battles and leverage is everything JSND doesn't have a singular, organized political mechanism. At least not yet. PUMA does not have the endless wealth of George Soros nor the behind-the-scenes network of intimidating fringe groups and large self serving corporate interests. And hopefully never will. But JSND has passion and a desire to restore integrity to the Democratic party and our nation as a whole. Which can be applied with energy-efficient leverage to trip the trigger of a broader mass movement for government and media reform. 

How might this best be applied? By first placing Country over Party - a principle lost and gone from the current regime that poses as our Federal government. To demonstrate how this might work to the advantage of the Just Say No Deal coalition and, subsequently, serve the cause of the currently unrepresented American middle class, consider this analogy. 

If you went to a party where, gradually, more and more guests were drunk, drugged and carrying on in insane ways, how far would you get by trying to argue this emerging contingent into more sane, respectful behavior? Anyone who has ever tried to reason with a drunk or an addict under the influence knows the answer to this question: you'd be wasting your energy. Things would not only not improve. The crazies would go to further lengths to justify and rationalize their destructive actions. Usually, it doesn't even help to point out they are also being self-destructive. A drunk as 'far-gone' as the current Democratic leadership doesn't want to hear the calamities they are creating. They just want to stay drunk to evade responsibility. 

However, there is an alternative and empowering solution. The saner guests at the party could give up their exhaustive attempts at unsuccessful intervention and, instead, make a surprise move. Literally. By just getting up, en masse, and moving the venue of the party! This could even shock some of the 'less intoxicated back into sobreity, to move right along with the clear-minded seeming minority. What might happen next? 

Left behind to their own crazy antics, many might keep imbibing for a while. But some others would begin to notice that the size of the party had shrunk considerable. Others would probably just drug out until they passed out. No longer remaining a force to be dealt with. Still others would feel the party was no longer much fun, with no opponents left around to taunt, intimidate and otherwise demean. In sum, there wouldn't be much of a party left and that fact would be apparent to even a casual observer. 

So this observer is suggesting that the JSND coalition do just that by shifting focus from justified rants at the unDemocrat party's antics to taking Issue Oriented action that magnetizes and mobilizing middle class America into the next step of American evolution. If we are as near the point of no return for the American dream as some experts say, than somebody had better start calling a spade a spade. Now is the hour to place country over party. Wrestling matches are far less likely to reform our democratic structure than a Move to the Middle - which is exactly where many Americans now sit in waiting. Waiting for a New Deal. Waiting for a cause worth supporting. Waiting for the responsible leadership that is not forthcoming by our two major parties. 

Does this mean forming a new political party? Certainly not! At least not now. The last thing the US would appear to need is one more self -interested political organization. Instead, the truth is the majority of Americans still believe in the American dream and want solid, responsible, non-partisan action on core crises Issues. Fact is, most Americans no longer feel represented by either of our two political parties. I read somewhere - or maybe saw on John Adams - even back then there were misgivings about a two-party system. Today, we can almost feel the ground shake - with an distress signal - from young, old, women, men, most religious groups and ethnic groups as well, to get past polarized partisan politics and get busy restoring the American dream. 

This is, in fact, why Barack Obama maintains what poll support he does. The fact that he is unqualified, unvetted and has no real cognizance of the American dream doesn't stop the desperate from calling for "Change!" and deluding themselves into believing he has the answers we need. Those who have studied his biography, his record, his policy team, his far-left associations and his vacuous lack of either patriotism or grasp of international affairs realize the changes he would bring could be a crushing blow to our democracy and our whole way of life. And as much as many of us would like to believe he is unelectable, the sorry facts are we have seen too often, of late, what money, influence and media spin can buy. 

It may be only JSND who can get this train wreck of an election off its current path of destruction. Not by wearing ourselves out attemper struggle with the current DNC. Not by drowning our sorrows at the state of our party. Not even by energetic abundant calls to action on the level of any specific indignation. But rather by moving the party to where the American people, in the majority, from both sides of the aisle have already moved. To the recognition it is time for a New Deal. By inviting disgruntled voters,-previously loyal to one party or the other-to jump party lines in a Collective Call for a New Deal. By reassembling ourselves as a sort of "Third Thing" PUMA can inspire middle class America to Wake Up and reassess the power, we as voters and grass roots volunteers really hold. 

Together, we can say to our Federal government, the incumbents and the first-time candidates for Congress; Here is the New Deal! We want responsible, responsive timely action on core issues of Energy, Economy, Trade  and National Security- which represent We the People, not special interests! We want representation that reflects the Will of the People rather than the large, private funding of obscenely costly campaigns. We want to rebuild our infrastructure, stimulate our job market, redevelop our manufacturing and establish environmentally responsible energy independence. 

One needn't be an expert in American History to be aware FDR saved our nation by responding to our last major US crisis with similar programs. Yet, he wasn't even expected to win office. with many special interests opposing him. What might have become of our country's future without him? The JSND coalition knows too well who the candidate is that would best measure up to the challenges we, again, as a nation face. Currently, she has seems to be held hostage in a room full of drunks. Like the mother torn between her abusive husband and the kids. But we are not helpless little children. Not only do we own our vote, we hold the power to activate and motivate middle America. in a sweeping reform movement. It's time to get on the ground and Wake Up America. The JSND coalition can initiate a sweeping reform movement the likes of which this country hasn't seen since the Boston Tea Party. 

It all starts by saying: Listen up- here's the New Deal. Coming from strength in ideals to strength in numbers, we no longer supplicate nor will we yield.We can steer the country clear of a self destructive take over by a power drunk leadership. We can inform and educate voters of their power to influence the make-up of Congress, by pointing out in these official's own neighborhoods, here's what your Congressman has and hasn't done for you lately. We can mobilize a growing ground movement with results that can no longer be ignored by MSM and complacent officials. 

We can come together to accomplish all this by emulating the call of Hillary Clinton in her one of her last primary appearances: "We are all Americans." There's no telling what all we can accomplish by the JSND coalition joining together in a grass roots ground movment to Wake Up America!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Media Summer Two Step (S)Election Rig

Summer Spin for the Nowhere Man features a smashing new strategy to win the hearts and minds of Hillary supporters. Having voraciously devoured her dignity, gone to all lengths to destroy her credibility and spending the Primary season obliterating all objective information about her Presidential candidacy, MSM has decided its time to give the little lady her due. 

CNN's Friday, July 11, latest masterpiece in manipulation, indicates the degree to which the obama (I refuse to ever capitalize his name) campaign is worried. Giving Hillary more continuous air coverage, in this 60 minute special, than it ever did during the vote-getting season, the network hinted that Hillary deserves some credit, after all. While they pointed out (in their version) that, although she ran a terrible campaign which got off on a failing footing - due to her "arrogant" presumption of entitlement to office (a perspective the MSM, not Senator Clinton, generated) - it's now come to light that the Clintons hold sway with millions of voters. 

Now, isn't that an extraordinary insight we needed 'the world's largest news network' to make clear? And that being the case, it's time to give this she-devil her due - for, without her, it appears their Golden Boy might fall short of their mutual aims. While the same evidently illiterate geniuses at work continue to blur all distinctions between Hillary's platforms and Barack's, they and obama's conjoined Corporate cause has begun, at last, to realize his polling results are shakier, week by week, and that will not serve. A strategic new spin is, thus, demanded. 

And this one, as demonstrated by Andersen Cooper and friends, requires due deference to the more qualified Clinton, her unswerving supporters and even (however demeaning to acknowledge) her husband, with his record of salvaging our Republic from the ravages of the first Bush. We really should give MSM credit due. It's musn't be easy to stoop to inviting back two genuine, intelligent Hillary supporters (not the backstabbers they usually prefer to include). Next, think of the editing gymnastics involved in juxtaposing these candid commentaries on the Clintons' undying merits with enough punctuating invalidations by network anti-Clintons to convey their  real message. It goes something like this:

"What's wrong with you people! We've been carefully applying our favorite technique- namely, to mesmerize all viewers with hourly repetitions of the same contrived 'facts' we want the public to believe- against their own best interests. How many times do we have to tell you that this campaign is over?! This is getting taxing (not on corporations, of course.)"

"Time for the ole bait and switch sales pitch. Hillary is soooo great, she ought to be a lifetime achievement leader in the Senate. (After all, somebody's got to actually work on the issues.) Or, just imagine - she could be Governor of the great state of New York. Just picture her, even, on the Supreme Court in one of those cool black robes. And, if there are any out there who don't think Hillary deserves such authority (since we've been saying otherwise for months on end), for you, here's our stylish twenty-something female AA probama 'expert' who even agrees any of the above should do nicely.  Finally, we'll throw in our standard line-up of patriarchal women haters to remind you all - if you're not over your emotional outburst yet, we guarantee by November, you won't even remember what brought it on!"

"Lastly, if we must, (and this segment issued, no doubt, on directive of Axelrod/Hitler himself) we will cast her gaze and your own toward the Vice Presidency. Think of what a Hillary Vice Presidency could do for the country. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing, that if she can only follow him around closely, twenty-four/seven, our nation and the world might stand a better chance of surviving his lack of leadership skills. However, as spokemen for obama's campaign (even as grossly overpaid as we are) we aren't in a position of being held to this offer. If it comes, it could only be bestowed by the Messiah himself. And we're sure you understand, he won't even offer unless he is certain of an acceptance. Not by Hillary, for that's a given, but by her voters. We now extend the possibility of this time-limited offer and highly recommend you accept it, before it is off the table. Should you refuse, we will naturally never acknowledge any commitment was given nor implied. In the meantime, we'll dangle it as the latest worm on our hook and see what impact it has on the next set of polls before deciding whether to pursue it further. .  . . . and now back to our commercials for other useless, shoddy products you don't really need or want."

The momentuously multiplying Just Say No Deal members, who just raised millions in a few weeks, may be asking: Won't they ever get it? We are not buying. Free shipping, vote pandering, issue-switching and globally expanding publicity aside. This is not a product we want in our White House. Not even with the finest of window dressing. Not even with internationally televised speeches, given in historic settings after weeks of plagiarized compilation and rehearsal. Not even if mobama learns to speak French in a whisper and wear Jackie Kennedy costumes day and night for eight years running. Not even if secret new technologies send night-long near-silent subliminal signals, via our sleeping computers: "It's over, it's over, buy now or be sorry later."  

Our answer will remain the same (in paraphrase of the wonderful witch from "Wicked")  "Whose to say we've been changed for the better? We only know we've been changed for good!"  We of PUMA are and shall  remain . . . in one voice . . .nobama, noway, nohow. 

Ain't it funny how Will Bower, spokcsman for the Just Say No Deal coalition can say more worth saying in a matter of moments on Fox than all Humpty Dumpty's men can manage in a full hour on CNN?!   

Friday, June 20, 2008

Congressional Check List for Change

In case you missed it, a group of Democratic US Senators, all women, have surfaced, subsequent to the Primary fiasco, with bright, shiny spin to lure back bruised Hillary supporters. You are welcome to view with a jaundiced eye. This former democrat couldn't endure it all the way through, but admires your fortitude, if you do:

 The "Women's Checklist for Change", recently introduced by the Stepford Senators on national television has evoked this alternative "Congressional Checklist for Change", in response. We humbly request it inspire our US representatives to a higher moral authority:

1. Communicate with Relevance. Mean what you say, say what you mean and say it when it still matters.

2.  Be Authentic. Americans, at large, are appalled at your current unabashed vote pandering. You brushed aside Hillary Clinton, who will always be far more woman and leader than any of you. By not protesting the blatant sexism displayed throughout this primary season, you were, yourself, complicit in it.

3. Accept that your actions and inaction have consequences. It's said "there is a special place in hell for women who do not support other women." Your inaction could only be rectified by starting to finally speak out on the truth. Your current PR program is a transparent sham, as is your Super Delegate status.

4. Promises are a poor substitute for action. Do you actually believe that your sudden inspiration to stand up for women's rights, by promising legislation - some of which you have borrowed from the campaign of the candidate you allowed to be crucified - is going to undo the damage your silence has done ? It won't. 

5. Learn to listen. It may be a stretch for you to grasp, but not all American women embrace reconciliation after abuse, based on gifts, glib smiles and lofty public statements. 

6.Policy statements cannot replace integrity. The value of true character transcends the merits of all other issues. Hillary Clinton has proven she has it. None of you have done so. Your attempts to grab her votes, and now her voters, is without integrity. 

7. Voters may be invisible but they are not unconscious. Through the degradation, disrespect and abuse, along with the online tirades and threats toward Hillary and her supporters - by obama supporters - you were invisible, showing no regard, taking no stand. Either this was intentional, which is cowardly and proves you unfit to represent US in our government - or you were actually ignorant of the obama campaign conduct, which equally makes you unfit to represent US in our government.

8. Short term values produce short term rewards.. In your media interview, you all looked so happy and proud. You must receiving mush praise from obama and company. You've probably been given great expectations of rewards for falling in line so publicly and politely. As you show not an ounce of dignity between you, enjoy the pats and perks while they last. That will not be long.

9. Campaign rhetoric cannot replace true intelligence and compassion. If you cared about the women of Emily's list, who helped to fund several of your own campaigns, you would have taken a stand for Hillary, whose record on women's rights is clear and considerable. If you cared about the US energy crisis, you would not support a candidate who voted in favor of the Bush-Cheney energy bill - and whose campaign has more energy industry backing than all other candidates combined. If you cared about the middle class housing crisis, you would not be backing a candidate who is strongly backed by the sub-prime lenders who contributed to this crisis. You would, instead, be working for the Presidency of Hillary Clinton, who has warned of this crisis far in advance. You would be helping her to execute her platform and sound leadership to resolve this crisis. If you genuinely identified, whatsoever, with women's causes, you would have made the degraded standards and media misrepresentations of this primary season, your own personal and political cause. Lastly, if you had any grasp of National Security and took your elected positions seriously, you would have been conducting your own investigation into the background, associations, affiliations, endorsements and extremist causes of your new hero. Doing so, you would then see that he isn't fit for Congress, is not qualified for Security Clearance, and would endanger our country as its leader.

10. Forgiving irresponsible Congressional conduct is not an option. If you realized how much damage, you, as individuals and a group, have done by your complacency, you would understand why a life-long Democratic party worker, like myself and millions of others, are withdrawing all forms of support from the no-longer-democratic party. You would be as forgiving, later, as you'd like US to be now, when we, instead, work with passion, fervor and commitment to have as many of you as possible removed from office. 

Wait A Minute! If you feel at all like I do, you'd like to get the attention of these representatives of We, the People and show them, while we may be invisible, we do Have a Voice and want to be heard! 

WAM! is a new way to do just that. Here is our first WAM in action: Here's a list of the Senators who take pride in their new Checklist for Women. They can each be emailed, individually, via their own website. 

Just go 

Then click on each name in this list. All are invited to copy the above "Congressional Checklist for Change" and paste it into each Senator's comment box. It won't take long, will make you feel great, and could help them to Wake Up and Listen! Of course, feel free to add your own personal comments. This material is copyright free. 


Klobuchar, McKaskill, Stanebenow, Mikulski, Landrieu, Boxer and  Stabenow


Sunday, June 15, 2008

For All the Truth that You Made US See

For all the times Hillary has stood by US,  click "For all the Truth.." above this video -  and send her a personal thanks. You'll get a comment box for your own message of Truth. Let Hillary know why you Do Not Stand with the DNC and will Not Vote for Obama!

The DNC and Obama campaign would like us to feel we are each all alone. They want us to think we cannot resist their Media and Mind Control campaign. They want us to believe we cannot overcome their spin and subterfuge. They want to convince us that we should give up not only on Hillary, but every core truth We the People of US has ever valued. They want to persuade us that Truth is outdated, replaced with Obama's false promises and shape-shifting lies.  

The Will of the People says otherwise. Now it's up to each of US to apply the Principles of Democracy in ACTION. There are many ways to take a stand, find your voice and make yourself heard! 

Click on Just Say No Deal - at end of this post - to connect with informative and action-oriented Sites. Join with the growing multitude of like-minded sane Americans. The future of Democracy depends on US. 

A Heartfelt Thanks to Hillary Clinton for her Inspiration!

For all those times that you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful,

You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through
Through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith cause you believed
I'm everything I am because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand, I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach

You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love, I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me

Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark
Shining your love into my life

You've been my inspiration 
Through the lies, you were the truth
My world is a better place
Because of you