Monday, August 25, 2008

Denver, Deals and the New Deal

A funny thing happened on the way to today's post. The DNC press release which inspired this piece vanished within an hour, replaced by another more palatable work of party fantasy. Maybe it went the way of the pseudo Presidential seal that offended too many? In an election season which makes George Orwell's 1984 a work of limited imagination, voters savvy enough to turn to the internet to investigate candidates have found enough horrifying facts on Barack Obama & company to pen a new class of Orwellian best-sellers. The trouble is, these facts tend to disappear right before an investigative eye like a trail of bread crumbs quickly gobbled by vultures. 

Nothing, however, seems to be slowing the Mass Media frenzy to force the new Messiah upon US. In its ceaseless efforts to undo the fibers of democracy- the all-consuming obama communication machinations seem to have reached a final stage of frenzy. As the Denver convention begins, the truth of division in the Democratic ranks is a torrent even CNN can't pretend away any more. In counterpart, the spiderweb of the corrupt DNC leadership's fabricated new reality is spinning at a rate that reminds one of a meth addict popping their entire pill bottle, determined to hold onto their 'unnatural high.'

This observer turned activist didn't intend to comment today. There's too much to do to help launch grass roots action - as our only remaining solution for salvaging democracy.  What happens in Denver won't stay in Denver. As a member of the Just Say No Deal coalition, we're among those determined that voters will know and remember in November. The Democratic party has been sold out to the New Left. Period. Spending trillions of dirty George Soros (and other tainted) dollars might still be capturing the naive minds of new voters who cut their American Government classes and cut their teeth on TV fantasies. It might even hold the attention of the millions of "TV voters" (as FOX news slipped and labeled those who still believe what they see and hear of the mesmerizing images and fairy tales told on the boob tube.) 

But despite basement cages prepared for rowdy PUMAs and fake press releases touting party unity the truth will continue to leak out until it becomes a tsunami. And when it does, those officials and Super Delegates who have the gall to still call themselves 'democratic' will be unprepared for the historic deluge of party defection to come. The irony is, that while a better informed electorate no longer believes a word most politicians say - and with good reason - the bubble of Denver seems to be inflating the near bursting egos of DNC wolves and the delusional hopes of the sheep who follow them to new heights of hype. Endlessly circulating press releases offer the uninformed masses  the Democratic party's alternate version of reality. Signs indicatethey  are pulling out all the stops on fabricating an attractive bio and appealing platform for obama- while they hang out in their self-deluded dreamfest in Denver. 

Time Warner's RR home page, for instance, opened this morning with a glowing piece on the growing excitement over mobama's big Monday night speech. Viewing their "news leak" on what this nightmare of an opening speaker will have to say, I can only 'hope' any informed viewers will skip dinner to avoid indigestion. Seems, sprinkled within a litany of sympathetically spoken biographical half-to-no-truths, Michelle Obama will share with the audience how she and Barack represent "what Americans are supposed to be." Yes, that's an exact quote. However, you won't find it on line now- just a few hours after its release this typical Mrs. Obama misstep demonstrates, once again, her penchant for slipping out with her real beliefs, no matter how much is done to attempt to 'reshape' her message. Got it, everyone? Get with the program:

Remember now, barry soertoro and his missus are just what "Americans" are supposed to be! 

What that's really saying reflects an underlying message of the entire obama -dean-brazille campaign. A message that, in the last week, has gone from covert to overt and is now found in press releases from the local level to the dictates we, the voting public, are now being issued by the ilk of MSNBC. Apparently, accusing the remaining sane rational Democrats of being closet Republicans as well as racists is no longer enough. Necessity has given birth to a new level of invention and here is its mantra: No one - absolutely no one -  is to get in the way of the historic event of the Nomination of the first African American candidate for President! 

Forget that he is not qualified and has accomplished nothing of significance in his political life. Overlook that he stood alone, after hundreds of Present only votes in Illinois, to singularly vote in favor of killing babies who survive an abortion. Look the other way when shown photos of his former Foundation employer and buddy, Bill Ayers stomping on the American flag and bragging how he got away with domestic terror. Dismiss the endorsements for this "citizen of the world" by the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, American Communist Party, Klu Klux Klan, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH and North Korea. Free your mind from Rezko, his long term partner in crime in bilking Chicago tax payers of millions of dollars. Overlook the coincidence that the sentencing of Rezko, convicted of multiple counts of political corruption and fraud, has again been delayed to avoid public scrutiny. After all, if Lou Dobbs of CNN, who called obama "soul-less" a few months ago can now shut up and go along with the Media sell-out, then certainly so can you and I. 

Quit complaining because he's created a shambles of the Democratic party base in what was to be a sure-win year. "Get over it" as The Man himself told the Black Caucus et al, if you're still pointlessly enraged that the caucuses were a fraud, the delegates were disproportionately awarded (against several states laws!) and the Super Delegates were overtly paid off to contradict the Will of the voters. Here, instead, is the Denver Deal to be swallowed like a suicide pill, by all who feel hopeless enough, guilty enough and/or escapist enough to follow the DNC off its cliff to nowhere. The clear purpose of Denver is to construct an attractive, appealing Spin Story, first fed to the crowd present, then regurgitated by them to the masses. And here is the Spin:

obama, we are now being told, comes from a classic middle-class background - just like you and me. Except for the missing birth certificate, the numerous name changes and the childhood in Muslim dominated militarized Indonesia. Don't be a stickler for minor distinctions such as stolen (covered up) passport records, a college trip to (also) militarized Pakistan (where Americans were not welcome) or his teenage mentoring by a radical communist.  As for obama's 'community service' days - as the political bagman for a slumlord and added public service as Ayres Woods Foundation lackey to support socialist infiltration of American education? Well, as the evidently self-medicated TV press would say, what's all that really got to do with anything. 

Above all else, the DNC Denver will tell us, obama is The One who knows and will "heal the American soul" by, among other things giving virtually unlimited aid to Africa (when our country is broke); sending academics on diplomatic missions to buddy up with Islamic Jihad leaders; ensuring health care for illegal aliens at the expense of American taxpayers; doing NAFTA double deals in which he says one thing and does another; and protecting  the telecom industry so his "Black House" (lead DNC entertainer's new version of prior White House) can wiretap and monitor the rest of us without warrant - oh, and keep his promise of quick issue driver's licenses for illegal alients, like terrorist infiltrators, to allow unimpeded domestic travel - without the unpleasant interruption of being found out.

Yes, I know that's the short list, but time and space do run out in this vacuum of darkness led by dean and axelrod.We can't end off, however, without emphasis on the need for CHANGE! Well, just last night Christine Pelosi, supporting her momma's recent fervent statement, reiterated on FOX, that God has so blessed the Democratic party with Obama. The miraculous underpinnings of this 'blessings' is that all touched by his toxic substitute for reality are given the freedom to interpret this CHANGE in whatever form most appeals to their own imagination. Those thus logic impaired and reality avoiding - in other words the new base of the un-Democratic party include obama training camp recruits, obama financial hand-out recipients, obama's youth movement forbidden to read internet fact 'trash' and the millions of weary suburbanites, who crash nightly before the boob tube, subjected to obama's onslaught of Spin, as regurgitated hourly by entire commercial communications industry.

Perhaps the rest of us actually are just pouting and envious. I, for one, haven't had the privilege of citizenship in 3 different countries. Never had a "typical white grandmother" to raise me and see me through private school in Hawaii, never got to know "the joy" of reciting Muslim evening prayers in perfect Arabic, didn't have an Indonesian stepfather to raise me in a foreign land (to subsequently be written out of my biography at will.)  And the qualified Presidential candidate I, as a life-long Democratic supported, didn't have the expanded view to run a 'Global Campaign' nor the audacity to demean, discredit and threaten her detractors. 

I have no small children left at home to enlist in "Kids for Obama" where they can learn to watch over me and make sure I abide by the Spin and keep it all straight. I am among the Vision-impaired who still believe in democratic principles over Super Delegate sell-outs and have always experienced my fellow Americans to be just that- rather the black and white competing groups that obama has portrayed - as spoiled indulged whites, suspicious Semetics and underprivileged AA's - to whom all other minority groups now owe their allegiance. 

But why quibble over facts? And, no matter what, never give in to the traitorous principle of Country over party. That's all soooo over- along with other outmoded ideals of democracy . It's cool to say you were raised by a single mom, even though you were not. It worked for Bill Clinton, didn't it? So why not try it again. It's pragmatic to praise Reagan, a Republican, instead of the only Democratic President in recent decades, who actually believed in prospering the spoiled middle class. I suppose it even makes sense to select a running mate who represents everything you said you were out to CHANGE. As long as you have sell-outs like two generations of Pelosi's to spoon feed the otherwise ill-informed a new biography supported by elaborate myths, self contradictory stands and audacious but attractive lies. 

Denver will come and Denver will go. But the sane among us will remember in November. And one day the History channel, which recently showed how Hitler, too, officially rewrote his own history for palatable public consumption, might go on to explore the depths of the deceptions woven into the fabric of the empty suit called obama.  

The One does grows impatient when we resist all this fiction just because it contradicts all known actualities. How can he bring US forward into this dazzling newer, fresher alternative to outworn democracy, when we impede his great Changes - including the mobilization of his cool new national Civilian youth force to keep US in line? Caught in the brilliance of his Denver reflection, he has yet to realize there's a New Deal emerging - the awakening realization and mobilization of voters against his undemocratic propagandizing to steal the White House. 

Footnote: The absence of capitlization of the name obama is not a typing error.

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K9 said...

outstanding post. of course, having read it in full, my anxiety level is through the roof but like you said it IS an orwellian nightmare.