Saturday, July 12, 2008

Media Summer Two Step (S)Election Rig

Summer Spin for the Nowhere Man features a smashing new strategy to win the hearts and minds of Hillary supporters. Having voraciously devoured her dignity, gone to all lengths to destroy her credibility and spending the Primary season obliterating all objective information about her Presidential candidacy, MSM has decided its time to give the little lady her due. 

CNN's Friday, July 11, latest masterpiece in manipulation, indicates the degree to which the obama (I refuse to ever capitalize his name) campaign is worried. Giving Hillary more continuous air coverage, in this 60 minute special, than it ever did during the vote-getting season, the network hinted that Hillary deserves some credit, after all. While they pointed out (in their version) that, although she ran a terrible campaign which got off on a failing footing - due to her "arrogant" presumption of entitlement to office (a perspective the MSM, not Senator Clinton, generated) - it's now come to light that the Clintons hold sway with millions of voters. 

Now, isn't that an extraordinary insight we needed 'the world's largest news network' to make clear? And that being the case, it's time to give this she-devil her due - for, without her, it appears their Golden Boy might fall short of their mutual aims. While the same evidently illiterate geniuses at work continue to blur all distinctions between Hillary's platforms and Barack's, they and obama's conjoined Corporate cause has begun, at last, to realize his polling results are shakier, week by week, and that will not serve. A strategic new spin is, thus, demanded. 

And this one, as demonstrated by Andersen Cooper and friends, requires due deference to the more qualified Clinton, her unswerving supporters and even (however demeaning to acknowledge) her husband, with his record of salvaging our Republic from the ravages of the first Bush. We really should give MSM credit due. It's musn't be easy to stoop to inviting back two genuine, intelligent Hillary supporters (not the backstabbers they usually prefer to include). Next, think of the editing gymnastics involved in juxtaposing these candid commentaries on the Clintons' undying merits with enough punctuating invalidations by network anti-Clintons to convey their  real message. It goes something like this:

"What's wrong with you people! We've been carefully applying our favorite technique- namely, to mesmerize all viewers with hourly repetitions of the same contrived 'facts' we want the public to believe- against their own best interests. How many times do we have to tell you that this campaign is over?! This is getting taxing (not on corporations, of course.)"

"Time for the ole bait and switch sales pitch. Hillary is soooo great, she ought to be a lifetime achievement leader in the Senate. (After all, somebody's got to actually work on the issues.) Or, just imagine - she could be Governor of the great state of New York. Just picture her, even, on the Supreme Court in one of those cool black robes. And, if there are any out there who don't think Hillary deserves such authority (since we've been saying otherwise for months on end), for you, here's our stylish twenty-something female AA probama 'expert' who even agrees any of the above should do nicely.  Finally, we'll throw in our standard line-up of patriarchal women haters to remind you all - if you're not over your emotional outburst yet, we guarantee by November, you won't even remember what brought it on!"

"Lastly, if we must, (and this segment issued, no doubt, on directive of Axelrod/Hitler himself) we will cast her gaze and your own toward the Vice Presidency. Think of what a Hillary Vice Presidency could do for the country. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing, that if she can only follow him around closely, twenty-four/seven, our nation and the world might stand a better chance of surviving his lack of leadership skills. However, as spokemen for obama's campaign (even as grossly overpaid as we are) we aren't in a position of being held to this offer. If it comes, it could only be bestowed by the Messiah himself. And we're sure you understand, he won't even offer unless he is certain of an acceptance. Not by Hillary, for that's a given, but by her voters. We now extend the possibility of this time-limited offer and highly recommend you accept it, before it is off the table. Should you refuse, we will naturally never acknowledge any commitment was given nor implied. In the meantime, we'll dangle it as the latest worm on our hook and see what impact it has on the next set of polls before deciding whether to pursue it further. .  . . . and now back to our commercials for other useless, shoddy products you don't really need or want."

The momentuously multiplying Just Say No Deal members, who just raised millions in a few weeks, may be asking: Won't they ever get it? We are not buying. Free shipping, vote pandering, issue-switching and globally expanding publicity aside. This is not a product we want in our White House. Not even with the finest of window dressing. Not even with internationally televised speeches, given in historic settings after weeks of plagiarized compilation and rehearsal. Not even if mobama learns to speak French in a whisper and wear Jackie Kennedy costumes day and night for eight years running. Not even if secret new technologies send night-long near-silent subliminal signals, via our sleeping computers: "It's over, it's over, buy now or be sorry later."  

Our answer will remain the same (in paraphrase of the wonderful witch from "Wicked")  "Whose to say we've been changed for the better? We only know we've been changed for good!"  We of PUMA are and shall  remain . . . in one voice . . .nobama, noway, nohow. 

Ain't it funny how Will Bower, spokcsman for the Just Say No Deal coalition can say more worth saying in a matter of moments on Fox than all Humpty Dumpty's men can manage in a full hour on CNN?!   


Anonymous said...

Open letter to CNN:

CNN has sunk to a new low. This new low is even lower than the lows to which you sank during the primary.

The title of your program "The Clinton's Never Quit" is just outright obnoxious and offensive to HRC supporters.

Haven't you beaten the Clinton's over the head enough for the sake of the interloper Barack Obama?

CNN's coverage along with MSNBC of the primary is partially responsible for Barack Obama's so-called winning of the Democratic nomination.

It is as if you see the writing on the wall that CNN's ratings are tanking and you drag out that old Clinton bone to gnaw on some more, to recharge the Neo-Dems and the BO-BO supporters.

You could have covered the sexism, misogyny and outright offensive behavior of some pundits, anchors, and reporters toward women. But, you chose the low road.

I had slowly begun to turn back to CNN after a several month boycott.

But, with this new dragging the Clinton's through the mud...just for funsies is despicable.

The NOBAMA Network is watching, the PUMA PAC is watching as well as the rest of the members of the JUST SAY NO DEAL Coalition.

You will reap what you have sown. And, you will incur the wrath of HRC supporters as well as the wrath of the supporters of Clinton family.

As far as I am concerned, CNN has ceased to exist.

I am boycotting your network as well as any product of your parent company and their sponsors.

I am done with your outrageous, slimy, and bottom of the barrel programming.

You can't even call what you do journalism...and this is one PUMA who is as the Dixie Chicks would say "I am not ready to make nice."

I am sick of your offensive pundits, blowhards, and so-called experts that couldn't get a real job at any network with any credibility and the only one that has any credibility left is FOX. They are indeed FAIR and BALANCED.

Their coverage during this primary and continuing today is still FAIR and BALANCED.

Sure they take their swipes at the Clinton's but they also give deference to Clinton supporters and let the viewers decide and do not tell them what to think.

If I were not a Christian, I would cuss you out but, since I am, I will pray for you instead.

You will have to work hard to restore your credibility but, it will take a long, long time. I am not coming back to CNN. I get better informed on the internet.

Best of luck with that!

unityindiversity said...

Right on. Blue Dawg - hope you did send CNN a copy. As for 'restoring their credibility' I am highly suspicious that such a miraculous transformation will occur - but do keep praying!

Diamond Tiger said...


WOW! This is an amazing post. One of the best I have read in weeks. Have you sent this to CNN. May I post this up on Real Clear Politics?

Thank you so much! Incredibly well written and yes, I haven't watched CNN since before the end of the primaries. Why do I need to watch them when I have JSND! I'm better informed now.

Keep up the great work and keep fighting.


unityindiversity said...

Diamond Tiger

Please do send my post to RealClearPolitics - and spread link thru PUMA if you've time.

While I rarely watch them, do find it helpful to keep up on their latest bozo bs - to keep PUMAs informed.

Busy working on a No Deal strategy so not getting to that stuff. Will be grateful for all you do to spread this post around- because this MSM summer spin is their latest stage of psychological warfare- on both Hillary and her supporters.

Compliment from the techie trolls. This SPIRITED POLITICS blog was up to the 1st 4 listings at google- due to other popular posts in the archives. Now techie trolls have written meaningless posts using the phrase Spirited Politics to make this blog harder to find. Too bad some people don't have better things to invest their time in than trying to obliterate the 1st amendment.

Anonymous said...

InsightAnalytical your response on my post on NM Money...
I have absolutely no inside track on NM politics...I just researched and wrote about the money business.

What you are doing, though, sure sounds interesting!!

(I didn't see any email in your response...I hope you see this post..

Anonymous said...

The celebrity media revealed!!

EXCLUSIVE: Brian Williams Writes Home…

NOTE: My nephew occasionally goes into New York for his job and last night, while walking past the GE building, he came across this note, which had apparently been dropped by Williams as he left the building following his nightly newscast. Hat tip to my nephew for typing up the note and sending the contents along to me via email.

Gee, it’s even on the actual GE memo/letterhead, too!!!

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