Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Politics of the Foolish

Recently heard this comment about Obama, "Some village is missing their idiot". Maybe so but maybe not. After all, Hillary Clinton's entitled her book, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child". Seems to me we are the village responsible for this dangerously foolhardy candidacy. Mightn't that make us the idiots? Let's not reflect back Barack's own wearisome victim tactics, already overused in his tawdry campaign. Like poor Obama "Hillary doesn't know what it means to grow up black in America."  Not to say that he does either, having been raised elsewhere

However, we aren't hapless victims of this nightmare campaign either. We allowed the mass media to overtake our attention and much of our spare time and most of our spending habits for years now. Sadly, once given such power, the toxic MSM (as we prefer to call them now) decided to take over public opinion in all areas, straight through to choosing our Presidents for us. Twice, at least, and still counting.

It's not surprising that this current Media Darling expected San Fran millionaires to swoon over his insights into middle class Pennsylvania. Brilliant as he is, he spent six days there and that was enough to divulge the soul of all small town Americans. That part of his Messianic pitch (I know that's an oxymoron but so is he) worked just fine. 

What Barack didn't count on, he couldn't have learned in Indonesia - and he had yet to discover. The unifying spark of the American people. As a major political columnist recently observed, whatever church we each attend (or not) we are first and foremost Americans. Reverend Right is wrong: racism is not inbred in our genes. Believing in the American spirit, even in troubling times, is. 

It is this spirit that has gotten thousands of volunteers on the phone for Hillary, thousands of single moms (real ones) reaching into sparse checkbooks to send Hillary contributions and other Americans packing a bag to travel out-of-state to help with the latest primary. Simultaneously, picking up the slack from the MSM Mis-information Gap has sprouted more informative political blogs than spring tulips in Holland. 

You see, Barry, when Americans get fed up enough, they don't just get bitter and pine away. They wake up and do something. Like this week's union organized street protests in PA against you and your divisive tactics.

Guessing Indonesian schools don't teach American history or the hapless candidate might have been forewarned by this homespun wisdom from Abe Lincoln: 

"You can fool some of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time".

Spoken, incidentally, by the US President who freed the slaves more than a century ago (despite the slave metaphors on a certain campaign website.) Hopefully, Obama and company are learning something at last. To simultaneously ploy for votes from the rich, the elite and the poor, the far left, the center and the Republican right, the very educated and the illiterate, the unemployed (and unemployable and uninterested in employment) and the working middle class - all at the same - requires several different platforms, absolutely no genuine stand on any issue and trust that blind luck (dashed with "to know me is to love me" charm) would keep we Americans from noticing what your real strategy has been all along:

When Obama speaks "he says nothing and you hope that he means what you think"

Your tactics are now also totally transparent for all to see. Hopefully in time to spare us from several more years of another Impostor /Emperor with No Clothes in the White House. Divide and conquer isn't going to work forever. Whites are getting past being manipulated by guilt. Churchgoers are beginning to discourse with humanists. Women are moving out of silent longsuffering into recognition as the country's largest voting block. And, in large part thanks to the city-slicker foot-in-small town-mouth, even middle class men are waking. Fact is, as Jack Nicholson said: real men vote hillary. Gender aside,  she is the Democratic party's real candidate of hope.

So, at this juncture, let's be grateful to Barry, who, by overstepping his limits, may have just jump-started more true American Spirit into action. Let's hold the vision that he'll soon be sent to the back of the line (not the bus) to relearn what real spirited politics means in the USA. It isn't bitter. It tells the truth. And it focuses on issues of genuine substance. 

Check back this weekend for a spirited review of the ABC debate!


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